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Maxi Sky Mortuary Strertcher


The Maxi Sky® ceiling lift and lifts range is more versatile and technologically advanced than any other ceiling lift system available, faster and easier to install than any track seen before. The Maxi Sky ceiling lift is available with three different  cassettes to choose from, Maxi Sky 440 (SWL 200kg, 440lbs), Maxi Sky 2 (SWL 272kg, 600lbs) and Maxi Sky 1000 (SWL 455kg, 1,000lbs).

The Maxi Sky Mortuary Stretcher transfer system incorporates a heavy duty stainless steel spreader bar with multiple position points. When used in conjunction with the Maxi Sky ceiling lift, the Mortuary Stretcher offers a flexible, safe system of work that will eliminate hazardous transfers from trolleys etc. The design of this system also allows effortless transfers into coffins and easy removal of the support bands after the transfer.



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