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Maxi Move


A mobile passive lifter that offers flexible solutions for patients and residents in all types of care environments. With a modular approach, you can create a customised Maxi Move® lifter configuration with the features, accessories and degree of  flexibility that you need for your patients or residents. The new Maxi Move system has many new or improved design features and options, some of them unique for a mobile passive lifter, including:

  • SVS (Stable Vertical System) which comprises: vertical lift, anti-swing system, jib, pivot point, spreader bar attachment and clip sling design
  • Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) for easier repositioning of patients
  • Wide range of spreader bars to suit size and either clip or loop slings
  • Combi system to allow easy interchange of spreader bars & stretchers
  • Comprehensive range of clip and loop slings
  • Dual control option offers mast control panel as well as the new handset control
  • New durable handset features illuminated colour screen display showing battery power level, number of lift cycles and, where a scale is fitted, patient weight
  • Two batteries and a wall mounted battery charger ensures the Maxi Move lifter is always ready for use
  • Emergency lowering system without the need for additional tools

With a modular approach and the widest range of features and options available, the Maxi Move lifter gives you the means to move on to fully tailored care.



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